Fiji Western Division Road Maintenance Contract

Fiji Seals

This contract is unique not only as a work environment but also for the close alignment the Higgins Fiji team have with their staff and community.

Their motto is ‘Here to make a difference’. Higgins has a long term commitment to the region, the community and the training and development of its 150 strong local Fijian maintenance team.

Higgins Fiji sources much of its raw materials locally and is committed to working alongside local Fijian businesses to achieve the best result.

Within the Western Division of Fiji the Higgins team are responsible for the annual maintenance of 600km of sealed roads around Fijian towns; 1200km of unsealed interior and local roads; 4200km of forestry/cane roads. The contract covers the routine maintenance of all roads, bridge and structure repairs, signs/road marking, vegetation control, resurfacing/reconstruction works and emergency incident response.