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Mill Creek Wind Farm

Higgins was the Head Civil Contractor for Meridian Energy’s 26 turbine Mill Creek Wind Farm.

Project overview

The Mill Creek wind farm is located on privately-owned farms in Ohariu Valley, Wellington. The landowners chose wind farming to preserve the environment, lifestyle and rural character of the areas better than other development options such as a major housing subdivision or forestry. 

Using a collaborative delivery model, Meridian and Higgins worked together to drive opportunities, innovation and smart construction methodology on the construction of the 26-turbine wind farm. The farm now generates up to 59.8 megawatts of electricity, producing enough electricity each year for about 34,000 average New Zealand homes.

Higgins role

As head civil works contractor, Higgins was responsible for delivering across the breadth of the civil works encompassing access roading, bulk earthworks, pavement construction, trenching cabling, tower foundations, and associated drainage and structures. The programme for the 800,000m3 of earthworks with associated environmental management and full compliance was substantially completed by November 2013. A great achievement for a winter programme.
The civil works for pavement works, trenching and cabling, and foundation construction works progressed over three separable portions and were all delivered on time. The works included 20km of roading, 12km of cabling, 10,000m3 of concrete and 1,300 tonnes of steel for the foundations.