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Nadi N2

International gateway project
Higgins Fiji are improving the international gateway into Fiji through the Fiji Roads Authority N2 contract.

Project Overview

The contract involves a four lane construction along the Queens Road in Nadi. The existing Road is a heavily trafficked route and the road services about 15,000 vehicles per day. The planned updates will decrease travel times and relieve traffic congestion for both visitors and the local community. Other improvements include better pedestrian footpaths, improved street lighting, and upgraded transport service facilities like new bus stops.

The infrastructure project will include many local suppliers and subcontractors supplementing the Higgins team. This contract allows Higgins to further extend the skills of the local team and provides opportunity to ramp up our upskilling program. Training local people to deliver local infrastructure projects is a key focus of Higgins Fiji. 

Higgins Technical

The project runs from Naisoso through Namaka and terminates at the Wailoaloa junction, on the Western Side of Viti Levu – just north of Nadi town. As the primary route to the airport, it is critical that works undertaken allow people to pass efficiently through the site.
The contract scope involves significant service relocation work:

  • 8km of concrete culvert installation
  • 15km of kerbing
  • 25,000m2 of concrete footpath
  • 120,000m2 of foamed bitumen pavement construction and associated sealing and asphalt works.