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Ports of Auckland terminal pavement

Construction of Stage 1 - 3

Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) are the first New Zealand port and only the third straddle carrier terminal in the world to automate its fleet of container handlers.

Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) contracted Higgins as the head contractor on Stage 1 -3 of the new terminal pavement adjacent to the Ferguson FN Wharf. The project is supported by specialist subcontractors Brian Perry Civil to deliver the structural concrete, concrete pavement and utilities scope. Stage 1 and 2 is complete.

Stage 1 involved cut mudcrete to subgrade, construction of 300mm of lean mix concrete with 175mm of asphalt in two layers covering a 10,000m2 area. The team also constructed 240 lineal metres of ACO slot drains and stormwater chambers.

Stage 2 was same scope as stage 1 over an area of 7500 m2 and was commenced at the beginning of February and completed start of May.

The team have commenced stage 3 which is approximately 7000m2. Stage 3 includes milling AC and CTB to sub grade level (100mm to 475mm deep), removing this from site and then constructing 300mm lean mix and 175mm AC. Storm water drainage and ACO drains are involved and some electrical conduits. Stage 3 is due for completion mid August.