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The Cloud - Rugby World Cup Party Central

Sealed for the Rugby World Cup.

Project Overview

Contracted by Fletcher Construction, Higgins Contractors laid 2975m2 of asphalt to the surface of 'The Cloud'.  Situated on Auckland's waterfront Queens Wharf, 'The Cloud' is a structure which forms part of the Rugby World Cup's 'party central' .

Higgins Role

To correct the existing, uneven concrete wharf deck, a shape correction layer was undertaken.  In isolated parts, this correction layer was up to 300mm thick.  Fletcher designers wanted to keep the added weight of the surface to a minimum, so a light Open Graded Mix was selected.  Once all the shape correction was completed a final surface layer of Mix7 (145 tonne) was laid over the whole area.  In total over 600 tonne of mix was laid and completed over three 12 hour shifts.