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Victoria Park Tunnel

As an alliance partner, Higgins delivered all the resource and skill on pavement construction and traffic management.

Project Overview

The 2.2km project involved a 440m 'cut and cover' type tunnel beneath Victoria Park to carry three lanes of northbound traffic.  It also provided four lanes southbound and increased the capacity of St Mary's Bay to five lanes in each direction. It added a southbound bus shoulder lane and provision for northbound bus priority. Southbound motorists are now able to stay in the same lane from the Harbour Bridge to the city; the Southern motorway or the Northern motorway.  This removed the need for difficult and dangerous merging and lane-changing through St Mary's Bay.

Higgins Role

Alliance Partner with NZTA, Fletcher Construction, Beca Infrastructure and Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB).  Higgins' provided all the necessary resource and skill to deliver on the pavement construction and traffic management activities. Higgins paved the tunnel with a high durability, long lasting SMA Mix11 EAF (Electric Arc Furnace Slag).  Before paving, the tunnel walls were masked up to 3m in height to protect the white tunnel walls from emulsion overspray.