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Construction and manufacturing

Are you a positive team player and do you take pride in delivering the highest level of workmanship and service?

Qualified and unqualified people are in high demand in the civil industry. Join us and you will gain opportunities to develop your career.

From specialist machine operators to a recogised certification in civil trades, the opportunities exist to work and build your qualifications. Just like a plumbing or electrician trade qualification, you can now get a qualification as a Civil Tradesperson. 

For more information on gaining a qualification as a CCNZ Certified Civil Tradesperson go to connexis training.

Across our manufacturing and civil construction businesses the typical areas of work include:

  • Plant Operators – earthmoving, asphalting, profiling, sealing, stabilising
  • Truck Drivers
  • Road Maintenance management & field staff
  • Construction field staff – earth moving, asphalt & sealing
  • Drain laying
  • Traffic management
  • Road marking
  • Surveying
  • Laboratory quality control & product development technicians
  • Leading Hand / Foreman
  • Civil Construction Supervisor
  • Plant batch operators
  • Project Engineer / Manager
  • Diesel Mechanics