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Pavement stabilisation

Pavement stabilisation allows pre-existing pavements to be recycled to create strong, high quality pavement.

Recycling has proved to be an economically sound alternative to premium base course overlays, especially in pavements nearing the end of their lifecycle.  From sub-grade to base course, Higgins uses both cementitious and bituminous binders for stabilising a wide range of pavement materials.

The Higgins Stabilising fleet includes the Wirtgen WR2000 recycler which uses a combination of cement and foamed bitumen to give strength, flexibility, and ultimately long-life to existing pavements. The Wirtgen KMA200 static pug mill can mix base course, subbase, crushed concrete or recycled asphalt product (RAP) with cement, lime, bitumen emulsion, foamed bitumen or a combination of materials.

As a fully equipped contracting operation, Higgins can not only provide you with the stabilisation resources you need, but we can also complete the finished surface.

There are clear advantages in planning, efficiency, and risk management, through engagement with Higgins Contractors' full range of stabilising, surfacing, and traffic management services.