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Listening to your specific needs and constraints, Higgins aims to deliver the optimal surfacing solution.

Asphalt surfacing
Each Higgins asphalt plant utilises the latest technology to blend and mix aggregate, bitumen, modifiers, polymers, fillers, and pelletised fibre. Higgins covers the complete spectrum of asphalt mixes – from hard-wearing rut resistant mixes like SMA (stone mastic asphalt) to open mixes designed for lower noise and better water dispersion.

Higgins operates nine permanent and one mobile production plant within New Zealand.  Every plant is operated to ISO9001 and the Roading New Zealand-governed Asphalt Plant Accreditation Scheme (APAS). Higgins undertakes in-house quality control through its IANZ-registered laboratories, which design all formulas and test samples to ensure they meet quality and performance specification. Higgins is also among the leaders in recycling of existing asphalt surfaces for further roading use as part of its sustainability program.

Specialty bitumen mixes
As a leading supplier of bulk bitumen, Higgins also operates its own bitumen modification plant at Awatoto in Napier. Higgins' specialist polymer modification plant converts bitumen into hot and emulsified products, ranging from general purpose emulsified bitumen to specialised spray seal, slurry seal systems, crack seal and colour coatings.

Hot polymer modified bitumen is supplied in a number of grades of concentration and has a range of synthetic materials cross linked and integrated to form a permanently modified binder, available for hot spray seals or asphaltic manufacture.  The modification process creates a longer binder life, higher resilient toughness, and higher temperature softening points.

Chip sealing
Every year Higgins undertake a comprehensive chip sealing road maintenance program. Chip seal provides a durable and cost effective road surfacing option.  Its also ideal for farm and rural driveways.

Slurry Sealing
Slurry sealing has been around a long time but perhaps is not widely known.  It provides a cost effective alternative to asphalt paving. Higgins is one of the few contractors in New Zealand capable of providing this finish with a specialist Macropaver truck. Unlike chip sealing, slurry sealing is a smooth, low noise surface with uniform texture, appearance and smooth riding characteristics. Slurry prevents pavement deterioration by protecting the pavement from the harmful effects of ageing and weather by its tough polymer bituminous emulsion mix. Surfacing with slurry has a good history of success on airport taxiways and runways, car parking areas, driveways, footpaths and urban streets.