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Bitumen products

Higgins is a leading supplier of bulk bitumen and other specialist bitumen products to Higgins and the wider industry.

At Awatoto in Napier, Higgins operates a specialist polymer modification plant – converting bitumen into hot or emulsified products, ranging from general purpose emulsified bitumen to specialised spray seal, slurry seal systems, crack sealing, and colour coating.

Hot polymer modified bitumen is supplied in a number of grades of concentration and has a range of synthetic materials cross linked and integrated to form a permanently modified binder, available for hot spray seals or asphaltic manufacture. The modification process creates a longer binder life, higher resilient toughness, and higher temperature softening points.

Specialist Higgins polymer modified bitumen emulsions include:


Flexiphalt Selection Guide

Flexiphalt Hot Mix Asphalt Binders:

Primer for bound and unbound granular pavements:

Primer Emulsion

Cationic Bitumen Emulsions: