Higgins our heritage

Higgins grew from a small, contracting business established in the Manawatu by Irish immigrant Dan Higgins.

Like all true pioneers, Dan's arrival plan was to find his own slice of land in New Zealand and start farming. He initially found employment on others' farms but the depression put a dent in any thoughts of owning his own. With shovel in hand, Dan took on any work he could and eventually found employment with British Pavements. Excelling in roading and drain-laying, he took these skills to Palmerston North.
It was the mid-'50s and Dan set up his own drainage and road repair business in loose partnership with others. In 1958 eldest son Pat joined, Dan and Higgins was born.

Over time, Higgins became more of a family affair as sons Michael and Bernard joined during the '60s and '70s. These two decades were a time of rapid expansion as Higgins grew into the areas of civil construction, the manufacture and supply of aggregates, concrete and bitumen. In addition, Higgins developed expertise in pavement construction, spray sealing, asphalt paving, drainage, traffic management, road marking and road maintenance.

Over the last 60 years Higgins has been at the forefront of building New Zealand's infrastructure and is now one of the leading roading civil and road construction companies in the country. Higgins now employs over 1600 people throughout New Zealand and in Fiji.

In 2016 Higgins was purchased by Fletcher Building and is now part of the Fletcher Construction family of brands.